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Application Instructions & Checklist

Download and complete the Application Form and 2 copies of the Reference Form. Contact the Cortona Office at 706-542-7120 or via email with any questions you may have.
NOTE: If you are applying for a Maymester program, please use the application form specific to that program.

NON UGA STUDENTS APPLYING FOR THIS PROGRAM: Please do NOT apply to the University of Georgia prior to your acceptance into this program. Use this application to apply for the program. Instructions for UGA application procedures will be sent in your acceptance packet.

Application Materials Checklist

  • APPLICATION FORM (this completed form may be sent earlier than the other materials.)
  • A SIGNED copy of your passport (Please include the face page as well as the signature)
  • $250.00 APPLICATION FEE (This fee applies to your total cost. Make checks payable to "UGA Studies Abroad Program". If you are not accepted, this fee will be refunded to you.).
  • COMPLETED IMMUNIZATION RECORD (separate from application form. You must have Health Care Provider fill in all Required Immunizations and complete the bottom of the form. If you had chicken pox, please list month/day/year under History of chicken pox or shingles. If you are currently enrolled at UGA, you do not need to submit a completed immunization record. Your record is already on file at Health Services.)
  • COMPLETED DISCIPLINARY RELEASE (included in application form)
  • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS (Sealed and sent directly from institution(s) to our office) directly from all institutions of attendance. (University of Georgia Students do not need to submit a transcript.)
  • Two (2) LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION and completed Reference Forms from your former professors (preferably in your major) or academic advisor.
  • PORTFOLIO (approximately 20 photos or digital images on a disk (CD-R format only please). Please be sure to label each physical photo or cd with your name.
  • STIPENDS - A limited number of stipends are awarded each semester. A separate application is required along with a third letter of recommendation and a brief essay. Completed stipend applications are due by the same deadline as the program application. Please contact the Cortona office for specific details and an application.

Special Instructions

  • Lines 14-17 --- Passport:
    If you do not have a VALID PASSPORT, apply for one immediately. If do not provide us with a passport number fifteen days prior to departure you may be removed from the program's airline flights list. The passport number is usually but not always a 9-digit number located and identified as the identification or passport number on the information page of the passport. The passport agency is the name of the city in which a US passport agency is located. Some common agency cities are San Francisco, Miami, and Washington D.C. The day, month, and year of issuance and expiration must be entered on the application form. You do not need to wait to send in your application if you don't presently have your passport. Please send this information in when you receive it.
  • Line 19 --- Residency:
    For fee reassessment we must determine if you are a Georgia resident or non-resident.
    You are a RESIDENT (for our program), if you attend any state educational institution of higher education in the state of Georgia, or you are a legal Georgia resident. You are a NON-RESIDENT if you do not attend a state educational institution in the state of Georgia and you are not a legal Georgia resident.

Mail all materials to the following address:
(application form and application fee can be sent prior to transcript, references and portfolio)

UGA Studies Abroad Program - Cortona, Italy
270 River Road
Athens, GA 30602
Phone: 706.542.7120

Fax: 706.542.4270

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